RuRu-RaRa Group Members Attend Short Film and Documentary Film Workshop in Nagaon


DIPHU, Aug 25: RURU-RARA group from the district participated at the just concluded workshop on Short Film and Documentary Film on the occasion of 2nd Nagaon International Shorts and Documentary Film Festival held at Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College, Nagaon.

National Film Awardee and director Reema Borah and renowned singer and film music composer Torali Sharmah, were among the noted resource person of the event. Daniel Engty, Paisong Lekthe, Ranjit Teron, Mukrang Bey Ke-et, Sarkiri Rongpi, Mohansing Engti, Sarzonk Singnar lapen Bidyasing Tisso who participated from the district were also given certificate from the trainers.

The three days workshop which began on August 23, was organized with the objective to generate more enthusiasm among filmmakers, train young amateur and aspiring filmmakers. In addition to this, the other goal of the event was to improve the participants’ understanding of important issue in their respective areas, and other subject including the process of making documentary and short films.