Monsing Ingti Arong Deprived of Basic Facilities


DILLAI, Aug 16: Monsing Ingti village in Dillai area falling under Borjan MAC constituency is more than 70 years old but unfortunately the villagers are still deprived of basic infrastructures and other assistance from government.

The village do not have pliable road due to which students and villagers have to face enormous difficulties and hardships to be able to reach schools, markets, workplaces and other destination as they have to cross Dillai River which become more risky and dangerous in monsoon season as water level rises which continue for longer period.
“Though we have temporary bridge over the river, it is very dangerous and not reliable and that is one of the problem we are facing,” a villager told TDE.

“We are still waiting for Parivartan in our village and its adjacent areas which are yet to receive government assistance and other benefits of developmental schemes and projects,” the resident lamented.

The distress and complaints hurled out by the villagers established the fact that apart from rhetoric statement and promises during election meetings, elected representatives have not been able to do anything for the people of this village and area so far and development is still a far cry.

Meanwhile, villagers have made fervent appeal to the local MAC to visit their village and take initiative to bring developmental schemes and projects and other assistance to the villagers in the days to come.