International Youth Day Celebrated in Diphu


DIPHU, Aug, 13: Ruru- Rara Entertainment, along with Karbi Human Right Watch and IGSSS celebrated International Youth Day on Monday at Farmer’s Growth Centre, Diphu.

The event was attended by principal of Deopani College Dr. Lipson Rongpi and social worker Sabin Rongpipi as speakers. Several Karbi singers who include Prasenjit Phangcho, Daniel Engti, Christin Teron, Deori Rongpi, Manai Millickpi and Manai Hansepi made the event more pomp. JLF secretary On Teron, treasurer Longbir Terang and others recited their soulful poems and made the event more jovial.

The speakers lectured on the theme ‘Transforming Education’. Both the speakers spoke enthusiastically and many youths who attended the event were greatly benefited.

Students’ organizations like Karbi Students’ Association (KSA), All India Karbi Students Union (AIKSU), Karbi Farmers’ Association (KFA), Karbi Students and Youth Council (KSYC) and others attended the event.