Underground groups call for 12 hours shutdown on I-Day


DIPHU, Aug 12: Revolutionary groups of Western South East Asia (WESEA) have called for 12-hour shutdown on August 15 in protest against CAB and Kashmir issue. This was mentioned in a joint press note issued on Monday.

The groups comprising of Hynniewtrep National liberation Council (HNLC), Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), Kamatapur Liberation Organization (KLO), Kanglei Yawol kanna Lup (KYKL, National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB), National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT) and People’s Democratic Council of Karbilongri (PDCK) lambasted the government citing that the ultimate aim of mainland India is assimilation and gradual dilution and eventual obliteration of the racially, linguistically, and culturally distinct identities of peripheral colonial people.

“The issues of CAB (the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019) and deprivation, partition and demotion of Kashmir are vivid examples of outward manifestations of mainland Indian leaders to exterminate the colonial people. Promoting migration and legalization of immigration are demographic tools of bloodless genocide of the rimland colonials. Partition and demotion of Kashmir is a direct and ostentatious affront to the proud Kashmiris who have never accepted Indian colonialism. India is a prison-house of the nation and now, Kashmir has been reduced to a big prison-house for Kashmiris to make them ‘safe and prosperous’. The intent is to make a dent in the indomitable spirit of the defiant Kashmiri public who refuse to succumb to decades of unrestrained violence perpetration by Indian occupation forces. This is a symbolic tool of intimidation and colonization of the mind. On the other hand, India intends to threaten other peripheral people and to forewarn them against any form of resistance to Indian occupation,” the press statement said.

WESEA also said that they have likened the unilateral decision of the Government of India on Kashmir as arrogance which is a product of muscular Hindutva nationalism, an ultra-pure form of fascism. The political slogan of this type of fascism is “Hindu-Hindi-Hindustan.”

“They distort Hinduism to suit their fascist inclination. The ultimate objective of this nationalism is total homogenization of all the people of Hindustan; but for the peripheral colonial people, it is tantamount to national demolition. Now Kashmir is being destroyed and WESEA is not far behind. Soon Punjab, Southern India, Bengal, Odissa will be destroyed as well. What shall we do now – succumb or resist? Resistance is the right thing to do,” warned the group.

“Considering all such truths and facts, we the undersigned representatives of revolutionary groups of WESEA region call for ‘total shutdown’ in the region for 12 hours, that is, from 6 am to 6 pm on August 15, 2019. Religious activities and emergency services are exempted,” the press statement concluded.

The joint press statement was signed by HNLC general secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw, KCP president Ksh Laba Meitei, KLO general secretary Kailash Koch, KYKL chairman N. Oken, NDFB president B. Souraigwra, NLFT general secretary D. Uom Thai Borok and PDCK chairman JK Lijang.