KSA Unification: Every Karbi citizen’s DREAM


An open letter issued by Karbi Cultural Society (KCS) president Chandrasing Kro to the presidents of 4 factions of Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) on its 60th birth anniversary on July 21 is quite heartbreaking to read. In his letter, he distinctly mentioned the names of the presidents of each faction who include Suren Hanse, Semson Teron, Simeon Rongphar and Bijoy Bey and lamented over the split of a strong students’ organization. The letter mentioned about the president’s grief due to the split of the organization into 4 different factions and his confusion in choosing the venue to attend the event and for whom to extend his support since the celebration is observed by all the factions.

Kro has been leading the KCS for the past several years and seeing disunity among the students’ organization seems to pain him a lot. Like every responsible person, he felt that students and youths are the future of tomorrow and that Karbis will tend to have a bleak future if this kind of disunity and split continues among younger and education generations. He seems to have high hope on the KSA and clearly mentioned that students and youths are the backbone of the society and a particular society will remain weak as long as the youths remain disunited. He made a spectacular point in which he mentioned that the organization should be free from being politicalised so that it will be a pure and genuine organization. In that way, the leaders could work fearlessly for their society with their head held high. According to the president, a particular organization should be free from all kinds of political diseases so that their work remains specific.

KCS president surely would gain a lot of support from the Karbis since everyone wanted the KSA to be unified. If I am not mistaken, the Greater Guwahati Karbi Students’ Association (GGKSA) and some other organizations tried their level best to unify the students’ body and had convened several meetings in the past. GGKSA even called several top brass Karbi social leaders to the unification platform hoping that they would succeed to make them united. It is also witnessed that even in social media, call for unification echoes from every nook and corner of the district.

The KSA leaders of some factions broke many hearts when they declared that they are not ready for unification. In all hopelessness, they still witnessed a silver lining when KSA (Inglongpho) declared that it is ready for unification for the betterment of Karbi society. Looks like the hard work of several people who have been striving for unification will be paid off sooner or later. After all, it will be difficult for the factions to come together and work with a common ideology after remaining separated for a long period of time. It is also appreciable that despite of their division, they do numerous activities towards the upliftment of the society. It would be very unfair if their good deeds are kept under wraps.

However, we cannot blame the people who wanted the factions to be united. It is because they thought that the organization will be stronger if they remain united. The public thought that some dirty minded people are playing politics with the KSA in order to make them weak. Even some factions admitted that politics is one of their enemies. Time will tell for it is a great teller. For now, all we have to do is wait for the factions to take the difficult decision of unification.