Absence of Pucca Road Affecting Normal Lives of People under Koilamati Area


KOILAMATI, July 13: Almost all villages under Koilamati area under the Nilip block has no proper road and the incessant rain has exposed the worst conditions the villagers have to go through every day.

The villagers of the area told The Drongo Express that people who are suffering from different diseases, students, women and children are the ones who have to suffer the most to get medical attention, classes and access to daily needs of life.

The road that connects Dhoniram Engti and Rongbin village in the area is one of the worst hard-hit due to absence of pucca road. Villagers of the two village told TDE that one cannot give any guarantee of reaching their destination safe due to the non-pliable condition of the muddy road which manifest in its worst form during monsoon season. “The road is more dangerous for two wheelers,” informed one villagers.

Villagers of the area has appealed upon the BJP Government which is at power in Centre, state and Council to fulfill their ‘Parivartan’ by visiting their area and acquaint themselves with all the genuine problems and take immediate action for permanent solution to daily sufferings, especially arising out of the absence of pucca road.