Kopili River Close to Danger Level due to Incessant Rainfall


KHERONI, July 11: With incessant rainfall and water from upstream, Kopili River in Kheroni, West Karbi Anglong is steadily rising close to a danger level.

As per the information provided by Kheroni Central Water Commission (KCWC), medium water level of Kopili River is 66.00 metres but due to nonstop rainfall, the water level swelled up to 72 meters between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm today. At 3:00 pm, the water level has risen to 72. 13meters.

KCWC also mentioned that the water level is likely to keep rising as rainfall continues to lash in the entire district. The commission also warned that the situation will be really dangerous if water level swelled up to 74 meters and urged the people residing in the nearby areas to be extra careful.

“People in the affected areas are in severe danger if the waters continue to rise,” the official from KCWC informed the media.