Wild Elephant Damages Houses and Properties in Dolamara


DOLAMARA, May 13: Destruction of house and properties of people by wild elephants, though at regular intervals, continue unabated across different parts of hill districts of Karbi Anglong. The latest being the damages caused to residents of BR Tokbi village in Northern Range Dolamara falling under Dolamara police station in the wee hours on Monday.

According to victims and eye witnesses, the wild tuskers entered the village at around 2:00 am early this morning destroying kitchen and all cooking utensils of the Bhokto Village LP School along with barn of villager identified as Gunda Hanse. Rice bags and paddy kept inside the barn were totally destroyed. The wild animal also damaged a shop belonging to Mirson Bey of Sarthe Terang village.

Villagers told TDE, that destruction caused by wild elephants is not new incident and forest department have been informed about these incidents but nothing have been done to look into their issues and problem. “Last year, wild elephant totally damaged one scooty at Dolamara yet the government and concerned authority have not been seen taken any initiatives in that matter,” a villager told TDE.