Assam State Museum to Conduct Awareness Programmes for Cancer Survivors


DIPHU, May 13: The Assam State Museum, Directorate of Museums, Guwahati has agreed to collaborate with ONCOCARE, a trust involved with cancer patients based in Guwahati to conduct awareness programme for cancer survivors, healthcare providers and the general public. This was informed in a press statement here this evening.

The press statement also mentioned that in addition, Assam Museum shall provide requisite space for museum-based support groups, art therapy sessions and awareness programmes in consonance with the subject.

“The museum shall also waive any entry fee for cancer patients visiting the museum. An exposure to the art and artefacts of the museum is expected to contribute to the overall well-being of the patients, who otherwise undergo immense emotional stress and isolation. Assam State museum is the first government institution in the country to collaborate with medical professionals for such an initiative.

By means of creative and emphatic designs and methodologies, the museum shall have the opportunity to craft truly engaging spaces as an ode to the bravery and resilience of cancer patients and survivors,” the press statement further said.

It can be mentioned that the first meeting was organized on May 12, 2019 in which 13 cancer survivors attended. Director of Museums briefly spoke about museums and encouraged the participants to avail the historic resources of the museum as it relates to everyone.

The president of ONCOCARE, Guwahati Dr. Joydeep Purkayastha delivered talked on causes of cancer and its preventive measures. A few cancer survivors shared their experiences to create awareness on the issue. After the session, all the participants took a tour to the Assam State Museum.