Protest over Extension of KNP, ESZ and Tiger Project at Bagori High School


DEITHOR, May 10: Over 15,000 numbers of people from Socheng Dhenta, Duarbagori and adjoining areas near Kaziranga came out to protest against the Supreme Court order for creation of Kaziranga National Park (KNP) affecting hundreds of inhabitants and their families who have been living since time immemorial.

Hundreds of protesters from Kuthori to Bagori along the NH37 for 8 kilometres on foot to protest against the order Supreme Court, which they say a matter of their own survival as they have been living in total harmony with forest and wild animals since time immemorial. Protestors chanted that no land will be surrendered to KNP or for creation of Eco-Sensitive Zones and Tiger Project. Leaders of the protest said that these indigenous people like Karbis, Assamese and Adivasis have been living in these areas since their forefathers very long before the creation of Kaziranga National Park and therefore, Supreme Court’s order has shocked the original inhabitants of these areas who have protected the forest and animals even when green covers across the state have already disappeared.

The inhabitants of these areas contended that there should not be a question of extending the areas since the existence of the forest, the rich bio-diversity and wild animals is a sufficient evidence that these families who have been living since ages have co-existed together with them. “The Supreme Court should therefore, should review its order and make a fresh study in order to give justice to hundreds of affected families. Human, forest and animals could co-exist and therefore, urge upon the apex court to look into that dynamics,” a student told TDE.

The protestors also chanted slogans against Rohit Choudhry charging his NGO as fake who has not done proper investigation or studied the history of the inhabitants of these areas. The protestors also blamed Choudhury for working to annihilate and displace the indigenous and tribal people from their own land they have been protecting all their lives.