Poor Condition of Amreng Bridge Irk Villagers


KHERONI, April 30: The bridge over Amreng river which is one of the oldest bridge in the district and lifeline to thousands of people on the other side of the river is at risk due to the poor condition of wooden bridge and poses great danger to daily passengers.

The local mentioned that the wood plank used for construction of bridge was very tender could not last even a year. Being the only economic lifeline to the people consisting of more than 25000 on the other side of the river, the villagers of Jirikindeng, Umkhyrmi, Mothade and its adjoining areas urged Kheroni PWD Sub-Division to repair the bridge at the earliest for the sake of common people.

Mention can be made that the wooden bridge over the Amreng river is the only lifeline that supports thousands of people living in Jirikindeng and its adjoining areas in West Karbi Anglong District.