No Internal Strife between Senior and Newer Members: BJP EKADC


DIPHU, April 28: The Bharatiya Janata Party East Karbi Anglong District Committee (BJP-EKADC) has clarified that there is no conflict between senior members and newer members within the party. The statement from the party was issued following news report of internal strife widely published in some local dailies.

The party said that BJP-EKADC president and EM Ratan Teron himself had accompanied Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang to seek votes for party candidate Horensing Bey for the Lok Sabha seat from the Autonomous District ST Parliamentary Constituency which the party said, was clear enough to show of the unity and strength that exist in the party.

BJP-EKADC president Ratan Teron have continuously been involved in the various party programmes organized to seek support for the re-election of PM Narendra Modi for the second term, said the party. Meanwhile, BJYM-EKADC president Rustom Teron, BJMM president Roshmi Teronpi, secretary Rina Terangpi, BJP OBC Morcha president Haradhon Ghosh, BJP-EKADC Kisan Morcha president Mongalsing Hanse also stated that they wholeheartedly expressed their strong support for the reelection of PM Narendra Modi and victory of candidate Horensing Bey.