Poor Road Condition in KA; Is this our Destiny?


News items on poor road condition and villagers
repairing their own road are not a new thing in
Karbi Anglong district. It can be roughly said that majority of the roadways in Karbi Anglong are in a very deplorable condition and walking or travelling on a black topped road is still a far dream to many.

Almost every day, news on poor road condition is published on vernacular dailies and other newspapers. In most of the news items, it is mentioned that the concerned authority failed to construct or repair the roads despite various pleas.

Lately, bad road, potholes and broken bridges have become a household name in the ears of the citizens. There were also reports that many villagers have warned the authority that they would not cast their votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections unless the road is blacktopped. The citizens are quite helpless and for some, election is the only time when they get to threaten the authority and get themselves some facilities.

It is quite shocking to learn that reports on poor road condition echoes from every nook and corner of the district. Right from Hamren, Jirikindeng, Mokoilum, Umkhyrmi, Kheroni to Amri and from Deithor, Hidipi, Dillai to Rongmongve, bad road were quite common in the district.

In some areas, social organizations often raise their voice by organizing protest rallies, blocking roads etc. In places with weaker social organizations, villagers have no option other than repair the road by themselves. People of Mokoilum, Umkhyrmi and Jirikending often mentioned that the road in the area has been neglected by the area for years now and calling it deplorable will be too kind. They also mentioned that it doesn’t even look like a road.

Situation in Hamren and its adjoining areas are no different and there are reports of unfinished bridges construction in places like Thepilangso, Ambinong, Umrinti to Umteli villages. The infamous unfinished NEC road added fuel to the fire in the area and the public are suffering a great deal from it.

The people of Silonijan, Dillai, Hidipi and its adjoining area also in the same situation and many concerned citizens and social organisations have expressed their dissatisfaction over the poor road condition in their area for several times. On May 9, 2018, one pregnant woman died on the way to hospital to deliver her baby at Paklangso under Bokajan Police Station.

Incidents like deaths, protests, road blockade and public repairing their own road have occurred in different parts of Karbi Anglong. But, who is to blame? Who is responsible for all the bad roads in the district?

Concerned authority often promised that roads in the two districts would be improved very soon. CEM also promised during a rally that more than 19 weather roads would be taken up for improvement. The condition of roads in Diphu town has been improved to a great extent and only time will tell when villagers of far flung areas will get to experience the facility. For now, all the public can do is eagerly wait for that change to happen.