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NH-36 poses extreme threats to passengers of Karbi Anglong and Nagaland

DIPHU, April 17: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rode to power in 2014 on the promises of good governance and development. The claims of ushering change in the country and their credibility have however, been dented and took a hit with state of neglect of basic infrastructures that the government has failed to deliver.
The NH-36 road connecting Karbi Anglong with Nagaland is one of the most life-line for thousands of people but has become practically not motorable due to the continued neglect by successive governments including the Congress and BJP. The extremely bad condition of the highway is one of the most visible examples of the step motherly treatment meted out to the people of Karbi Anglong.
The road is a nightmare for citizens across the state and districts due to countless potholes, majority of which are so deep that hundreds of small and heavy vehicles have been damaged while passing through this road which resembles like craters formed by volcanic activities. The road poses great threat to the lives to all including passengers and the drivers. The road poses extreme threat to the lives of people, in particular, medical patients.
“The road is so bad and dangerous that bikers are even scared to ride through this road,” Manja resident told reporters. Residents along this road have appealed the central and the state government to make immediate visit to address the issue at the earliest in the interest of people of both the state.