Editorial: April 13, 2019


Early summer temperature on the way

Summer seem to arrive quite early and with it comes heat. Few days back, Diphu experienced a very pleasant weather after rain swept the area for almost 2 days. However, once the rain stopped, the sun showed all its strength and the sudden soaring of day temperatures few days from now forced many people to stay indoors in the afternoon.

Temperatures have gone up drastically in the past few days and Diphu recorded a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius on April 12. It is only April and there is fear in people’s mind that temperatures are expected to reach higher over the next few days if the monsoon wind is not ready to bring rain from Bay of Bengal.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that average maximum temperatures are likely to be warmer than normal this year. According to reports, summer months particularly from March to May will experience warmer than normal temperature. The reports seemed true and Diphu got to experience a very scorching temperature these days.

It is quite disheartening to see many school children walk on foot in the afternoon after the school gets over. The high cost of auto fare and lack of money compelled them to go on foot under the scorching heat. The price of petrol goes up and down but auto fare once increased will never be reduced. Surprisingly, no one complained and the underprivileged as usual becomes the victim of both sun heat and high fuel price. It may be possible to stay indoors for many people. Children belonging to well to do families will rarely know the heat of summer. But, poor children who walk to school every day are not new to the thing called summer heat. It is only April 12 today, and it is quite impossible to step out in the sun without an umbrella. One woman told me today about how her skin was full of rashes after she stepped out in the sun today.

Adding fuel to the fire, icream vendors and panipuri are present in every school point and public places like bus stand, market etc. Their products are loved by school children and are constantly overcrowded. It is a good sight to see children gorging up the cold and yummy ice cream but ice creams are usually accompanied by cough & cold and other related diseases. Moreover, ice cream made in Diphu town was said to be manufactured in a very unhygienic way as found by media persons earlier. Even paanipuri is not healthy at all. It is said that paani puris in Diphu is very unhygienic.

Therefore, parents should be cautious while buying eatables for their children. The summer has just started and we should be smart to deal with it. We have a long way to go for the summer has just started. Let us eat well and feed our children well, for avoiding unhygienic food is one way to avoid illness in summer.