BJP holds meeting at Amri; gains 500 voters



BORGAON, Apr 12: Thousands of party supporters from Amri and Chinthong MAC constituencies took part in the BJP rally held at Rongmanpi Aklam,   It’s fully packed at Rongmanpi Aklam, Birsingki on April 12.

Thousands f BJP supporters welcomed their candidate for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls Horensing Bey very gallantly. Supporters  were seen displaying placards with names of Horensing Bey and KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang. Addressing the public, BJP candidate Horensing Bey said that he is overwhelmed by seeing such a huge crowd and said that their love and affection will surely make him win. He also said that if he is elected, his first and foremost work will be to press the government for the implementation of Article 244(A) of the Indian Constitution and fully implementation of MoS between the UPDS and the Centre.

On the other hand CEM Tuliram Ronghang lambasted Congress candidate Birensing Engti for failure to raise his voice for implementation of article 244 (A) and said that he is a puppet of the Congress high command. CEM also said that all efforts will be done with the help of grassroots leaders in spreading the good works of the party and developmental works carried out by the party till date. He also appealed the grass root leaders to go door to door campaign and tell the voters about the developmental works done by the party in the field of development. CEM also promised to help the family members of martyrs who gave up their lives for statehood movement and also said that the time has come to make Karbi Anglong as one of the most developed district in Assam.

In today’s meeting, more than five hundred persons belonging to different political parties merged with the saffron party.

Today’s meeting was attended by KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang, MLA Dr. Mansing Rongpi, EM Prodip Rongpi, West Karbi Anglong District Committee president Arun Terang and Amri MAC D Uphing Maslai.