Vophong Rongker rituals in Hidipi held



DILLAI, Mar 20: After a long wait, Vophong Rongker rituals was perform at Desoi Kro village in Hidipi for good crops, good soil fertility and rain, and good health all villagers of Langvoku, Chomna, Longnit, Koilalangso, Dikreng, Dillai and Deopani areas.

In addition to this, the traditional propitiation ritual was also conducted for Dongthevang, Ingku, Thebo, Longchor, Ok-kehai, Toko and Angtakso streams.

The ritual commenced at 8:00 AM and was successfully concluded as expected. Present at the ritual include Borjan VDC chairman Krist Rongphar, J.E. Mongol Taro, Hidipi Bazaar committee member Chandrasing Tokbi, G B, SGB and villagers of Desoi Kro village.