Veteran Leader Holiram Terang to Contest from ASDC in Lok Sabha Election


Terang: Optimistic of Winning, Campaign already Started

DIPHU, March 16: Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC), the regional party of Karbi Anglong has declared its candidate for the Lok Sabha election today. The regional party’s candidate’s name was declared at a press conference held at its party office in Diphu at 4 pm.

Veteran leader and ex-MLA Holiram Terang’s name was declared as candidate by ASDC general secretary Jotson Bey, who was accompanied other leaders including Daniel Teron and Sanjay Killing.

Party leaders said that though election manifesto has not been released, party leaders told reporters that their party common agenda are mainly the long standing demand of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, i.e. autonomous state, massive corruption among others, its opposition to Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and ST (H) to Bodos of the twin hill districts. In addition to this, the regional party expressed their hopes of winning the election and providing alternative of national parties like the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress.

The candidate and veteran leader Holiram Terang, during his interaction with local media stated that campaign programme have already been launched in interior areas and special teams have also been formed for campaign in Dima Hasao district to reach out to the non-Dimasa and non-Karbi voters. The candidate also expressed great hope stating that their party has very good relations with Rengma, Khasi, Nepali and with Hindi speaking people in Kheroni.
The leader said that they are part of the Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) which comprised of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), floated by IIM graduate Prodyut Bora who is also the BJP IT chief in 2014 general election and Assam Sangram Mancha (ASM). He also mentioned that RDA supports Article 244 (A) and BPPF Boroland (Urkhao) is also part of this new alliance party.

It may be mentioned that veteran leader Holiram Terang is a graduate in Philosophy from the famed Cotton College (Guwahati) in 1979. Terang had served as manager National Thermal Corporation but resigned from his post in 1984 to join politics. He first contested from Peoples’ Democratic Forum party in the Assembly election 1985 from Vothatlangso (Baithalangso) LAC and won the election. He was elected as cabinet minister and allocated agriculture and education. He continued winning 1990 and 1995 state assembly election.