Linchika Populace Calls KAAC for Action to Provide Drinking Water


HAMREN, Mar 14: Villagers of Linchika under No. 8 Hamren MAC constituency appealed the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) authority to provide them drinking water facility which was denied to them so far.

Stating that the villagers are compelled to draw water from the age old little spring along the Hamren-Dongkamukam road, the villagers claimed that they could draw water by wedging a long bamboo pole. They also claimed that the whole village has been drawing water from the spot ever since they came to settle in the village and strongly appealed the authority to grant them a drinking water facility in the village. The villagers also appealed their local MAC and EM Mongal Sing Timung to look into the matter and grant them the facility ahead of parliamentary elections.