Dillai Shopkeeper Express Anguish over Repeated collection by Orgs


DIPHU, Mar 14: One shopkeeper from Dillai 14th mile, NH 36 identified as Krishna Teron expressed his deep anguish over money collection carried out by certain social organizations, said that he finds it very difficult to make ends meet since he has many mouths to feed.

Claiming that he gets a profit of only Rs. 100/- per day from his small grocery shop and is feeding his family consisting of his wife, son and parents, Teron said that it becomes very difficult for him to provide ends meet to his family members. He said that the amount the organizations asks from him might not be big, but he finds it very difficult to give his hard earned money since he has to feed many mouths.

“In March alone, one particular organization came from Diphu to Dillai thrice. During their first visit, I was made to pay Rs. 100, and in their second visit, I paid Rs. 50 and in their third visit, I paid Rs. 20. It is not that we will not pay, but organizations should collect money in their own area and should not collect very frequently since shopkeepers find it very difficult to adjust and make an extra amount for them with their meager earnings,” Teron stated.