Beneficiaries unhappy over poor quality of toilet houses in Nilip MAC constituency



BOKAJAN, Mar 13: Rishakhidi Kangbura Tisso village resident and beneficiary of free toilet house under Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) scheme has expressed immense displeasure over the poor quality toilet house.

The beneficiary Chandra Kanta Lekthe belonging to Rishakhidi Kangbura Tisso village under the Nilip MAC constituency and Development Block told reporter that the construction of toilet house was sanctioned in the year 2018-19 under the SBM which is aimed at eliminating open defecation by 2019. According to the beneficiary the overall construction work of toilet house was carried out under one Alisha Terangpi.

The beneficiary told reporter that the toilet house which was stated to have now been complete is of very quality and therefore, expressed immense unhappiness questioning the Government’s tall claim and motives. Lekthe also stated that the government does not seem to care about condition and problems of the villagers which can be gauged by the lack or absence of inspection of work progress and quality.

The beneficiary said that MAC, MLA and BJP government will solely be held responsible for the total failure of the schemes in the area, the beneficiary told reporter.