Assistant Secretary of KASA Klengdun Teron No more


JENGKHA, Mar 12: Klengdun Teron, Assistant Secretary of Karbi Anglong Sports Association (KASA) and brother-in-law of KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang and KAAC deputy secretary Ritesh Enghi suddenly passed away yesterday at around 8:45 pm.

Reports said that Teron suddenly suffered from stroke yesterday which led to his ultimate demise. CEM Ronghang went to the residence of the deceased along with his wife Kache Teronpi, Ritesh Enghi , MLA Dr Mansing Rongpi, EMs Mongol Sing Timung, Kache Rongpipi, Amarsing Tisso, Lunsing Teron, MACs Darsing Ronghang, D. Uphing Maslai and others and paid condolence to the departed soul and the bereaved family members.