46th Annual General Conference of KSA gets underway at Chokihola


We Need to Work Together to Uplift Karbi language: Longsing Teron

Special correspondent
CHOKIHOLA, Mar 08: The 46th Annual General Conference of Karbi Students Association (KSA) gets underway here at Chun Teron, Sanglang Aklam, Chokihola with the theme ‘Protection of land is loving our motherland and Education is the weapon for development’.

Chief Guest Longsing Teron, EC member Dibrugarh University and president JAFA said that we have many issues and problems in Karbi Anglong and KSA is the only platform which we raise and fight for our rights. ‘We need to have quality education and after completion of our study we should not only looking for government job’. He also stated that now is the high time to come forward to protect our mother tongue. Our language is placed in ‘vulnerable’ category by the UNESCO and all this happened due to us because we as the speakers are decreasing considerably in the past few decades. But some resurgence have taken placed in the minds of the upcoming Karbi youths to learn and promote Karbi language which is a good sign. We should now come forward and pressurise the authority to include the Karbi language in MIL (Modern Indian Language).

During Students Open Session special guest Dr. Lipson Rongpi urged the students and youth leaders to be on vigil and should discourage every indigenous tribes to sell land and giving permission to cultivate land to illegal immigrant. Land alienation is one of the root causes of unrest in Karbi Anglong all this resulted mainly from large scale influx of immigrants from Bangladesh, Nepal and other non-tribal from within the country. He also said that there are several villages where the tribes people have been reduced to a smaller minority due to the unchecked influx of the immigrants and occupation in the district. Failure in protecting tribes people in Karbi Anglong districts and encroachment by the non-tribal has created a feeling of neglect and deprivation by the people.

Dr. Rongpi also encouraged the students to be studious and compete with the other community. ‘We need quality education rather than mere education to make our place a safer and peaceful place. To have confident, stable life, justice and build a better society we need to have education.

The meeting was attended by Manjit Sarangthem, president, All Manipur Students Union (AMSU), Jitu Phukon, president AJYCP, Karbi Anglong District Committee, Dhiraj Langthasa, president DSU, Suroj Chettry, president, AAGSU, president RNSU, president GSA beside former president and general secretary of KSA.