HSDC calls for unity of anti-BJP supporters ahead of parliamentary elections


DIPHU, Mar 7: The Hills State Demand Council (HSDC) has called all social organizations to stand united and place a common candidate and defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

A press statement issued by its secretary Laichan Engleng claimed that BJP party has committed a lot of blunders and that it is harmful for tribal people. Stating that all opposition parties, social organizations and independent parties have a common motive which is to defeat the saffron party, the HSDC stated that all parties excluding BJP should come together and place a strong candidate to fulfill their dreams.

“People should come together and fight for Citizenship Amendment Bill, BLT accord and other issues. For that, a person who will be capable of fighting for these issues in the parliament should be selected and put up as a common candidate for non-BJP supporters. Only then, every one’s dreams will be fulfilled,” the press statement said.

HSDC also stated any political parties, social and students’ organizations and NGOs are welcome to discuss on this issue, stating that the party is ready to mingle with parties having common issues during the forthcoming MP election.