Seminar on Karbi Women Weavers in the Urban Space in Karbi Anglong gets underway


DIPHU, Mar 06: First day of the two day seminar on Karbi women weavers in the urban space in Karbi Anglong organized by Fullbright-Nehru Alumni Award Project 2018-19 in collaboration with Centre for Karbi Studies ( CKS) and United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) kickstarted today amid much enthusiasm at Jirsong Asong, Diphu.

Dr. Debashree Dattaray, assistant professor, Jadavpur University, Maggie Katharpi, assistant professor, Department of English, Diphu, Dr. Rabindra Teron, assistant professor, Department of Botany, Assam University Diphu Campus and Mirlyn Taropi, former flight attendant, Gulf Airways spoke about their perspective in their respective fields. Karbi traditional folk singer Kasang Teronpi who is also known as ‘charhepi’ or funeral song singer also sang a few lines of the ‘Kacharhe alun’ or funeral song.

The event started with a welcome address by Prof. Maggie Katharpi followed by introduction of guests carried out by Lartaso Terangpi. Dr. Debashree Dattaray took over the first session in which she highlighted about her research work on Karbi Youth Festival followed by welcome song presented by Roselyn Taropi, Lartaso Terangpi, Helvellyn Timungpi, Longbir Terang and Haberam Engti.

In the second session, Karbi traditional singer Kasang Teronpi sang a portion of ‘kacharhe alun’ followed by interaction on the folk song.

Dr. Rabindra Teron who took over the 3rd session spoke about Ethonobotany, TK, and biodiversity. He particularly spoke about ethnobotanical diversity of the Karbis and went on to reveal that out of the 202 medicinal plants used by the Karbis, 80 species are used as food. He also spoke about Karbi conservation ethos, philosophical perspective called ‘Munsin’, the greatest Karbi principle of conservation, food and household needs. Dr. Teron also said that exchange of seeds among farmers during religious needs or for specific requirements for certain crops like mustard, cotton etc are very much prevalent in the Karbi society.

During the 4th session, Prof. Maggie Katharpi talked about gender issues prevailing in modern Karbi society. She also shared about some of her experiences and challenges faced by her as a Karbi woman since childhood. She also talked about preserving Karbi culture.

Mirlyn Taropi took over the 5th session. She talked about self confidence and shared about her experiences during her time with the Gulf Airways and her struggles before joining the profession.