Villagers in Koilamati Area Hark Back KAAC to Fulfill their Promises


KOILAMATI, Mar 01: Residents in Koilamati areas under No. 25 Nilip MAC constituency in Karbi Anglong district are once again harking back the KAAC authority for failing to complete the construction work of RCC Bridge over Deigrum River at Longrum Hanse Arong, sources said on Friday.

Residents stated that due to absence of RCC Bridge over Deigrum River the people are facing a hard time for the past several decades. They also explained that they have been requested the local MLA , MAC and KAAC authority to construct a small bridge so that people do not face problem during monsoon season; however no such bridge was constructed till date and the RCC Bridge was left incomplete.

“We are forced to take the patients on our shoulders to Medical Health Center for several kilometres away from the village due to bad road condition. We have to cross some villages that too most of the time on foot. The drivers are reluctant to ply their vehicles due to its bad condition,” the villagers said. The village has over 1000 population and most of the people are living under below poverty line.