Int’l Mother Language Day Celebrated in Dongmukak


DEN ARONG, Feb 21: Joining hands with the rest of the world, the Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA), Dongmukak branch on Thursday celebrated the International Mother Language Day in front of eminent Karbi writer Lt. Longkam Teron’ s statue.

The celebration was chaired by KLA Dongmukak branch secretary Borsing Kro. Several dignitaries of the area, who include Dokmoka Town Committee chairman Birensing Teron, all ward commissioners and others.

While addressing the gathering, all the guests particularly talked about preserving their own mother tongue and discussed on strategies to preserve the language. Borsing Kro on the other hand talked about the first mother tongue preserving movement way back in 1948 when Bengalis fight about the agenda in Bangladesh, the then East Pakistan where Bengalis were forced to speak in Urdu. He also stated that Bengalis fought for their rights because they loved their language, and hence the movement started. He also mentioned that the UN termed the struggle as true and supported the act in 2000 AD.