Thong Nokbe kekat, Phamri kachevung Held during 45th KYF


DIPHU, Feb 20: Thong Nokbe kekat (marathon race) was organized in the recently concluded 45th Karbi Youth Festival (KYF) held from 14th- 19th February 2019 for both men and women category.

In men’s category, Harata Kro (Dillai), Jostarson Timung (Amri) and Prafulla Teron of Diphu bagged first, second and third respectively.

Meanwhile, in the women’s category Sunita Ronghangpi of Dongkamukam, Lily Phangchopi and Larlyn Timungpi of Diphu bagged first, second and third respectively.

Moreover, in Phamri-Kachevung (Tug of War), a Karbi traditional game Diphu Manja KCS Zone, Langpher KCS Zone and Nilip KCS zone bagged first, second and third respectively in the men’s category and in the women’s category Tekelangjun KCS received first prize, Diphu-Manja KCS Zone was adjudged as second and Phuloni KCS zone received bronze.

It can be mentioned that Karbi Youth Festival (KYF) is the largest and oldest ethnic festival in the Northeast region kicked off at Taralangso, Karbi People’s Hall, Diphu from 14th-19th February, 2019.