Sixth Schedule under Attack: NCHAC ex-CEM


HAFLONG/DIPHU, Feb 13: In a serious allegation the former Chief Executive Member of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous District Council (NHAC) Samarjit Haflongbar said that Autonomous Council under the Sixth Schedule is under attack. This was stated in press statement issued here today.

The statement from the former was issued following the appointment of Debolal Garlosa as the new CEM on February 12, 2019, Governor of Assam. The former NCHAC CEM said that the appointment of the latest appointment made in a very casual manner which was through the Governor of Assam, has never been witnessed in the history of the autonomous council of the hill district.

Haflongbar said that the appointment order issued for the post of Chief Executive Member is to be considered as disrespect and dishonor towards the concept and power of Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India. “On the other hand, it may decline the Autonomy of the people of sixth schedule area and whole power of the council will be in the hands of Dispur and Raj Bhavan,” Haflongbar said.

Further, Haflongbar said, “According to the Rule 20(1) if not amended — The chief executive member shall be elected by the District Council and other members shall be appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Executive Member from amongst the members of the District Council. Provided that the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the District Council shall not be eligible to hold office either as chief executive member or member of the executive Committee of the district council.”

“Rule 20 (2) — The election of the Chief Executive Member shall be conducted according to the procedure provided for the election of the Deputy Chairman in rule 10,” Haflongbar concluded.