NEC Construct Road Link JNKB moving at Snail’s Pace


HAMREN, Feb 13: Over the last 3 years the central, state and KAAC government has been giving maximum attention to improve road conditions in the district.

The North East council (NEC) announced plans to pump crore of rupees to build road stretching km55 NEC connecting Jowai-Nortiang-Khanduli-Baithalangso (JNKB) in West Karbi Anglong in the hand of MP Birensing Engti on September 2, 2019. However, the pace of the construction of the road is facing significant delays in almost all aspect. A bunch of contractors have failed to achieve target due to unknown reason despite assurance made by the KAAC authorities. Construction company for the said road has just completed 30-50% against the construction norms alleged the peoples of the district.

This NEC road is the life line of the peoples of the district and key link to neighboring state like Meghalaya. Unfortunately the district peoples have been hit the most as this is the only high way that connects the rest of the district. Majorities of the bridge has been dismantling and sub way were curve to pave the way for the construct but sadly no bridges has been completed so far.

If the process of the construct continues the fate of the villagers will become worsen this year comparing with the past alleged the villagers.