Hacha Kekan Celebrate at KAAC CEM’s Residence


DIPHU, Feb 12: ‘Hacha Kekan’, a post-Harvesting Festival of Karbi tribe was celebrated at KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang’s residence, Rongthe-ang, Diphu on Monday.

The Karbi in olden times after having good harvest and bringing their entire paddy to the barn invites the villagers for merry making and dances. The young boys and girls of the village will sing and dance which called- ‘Hacha kekan’ where feast will be served by the house owner as a mark of their gratitude and thankfulness for the good harvest.

The celebration was attended by KAAC speaker Longki Timung, deputy speaker Ritesh Enghee, EMs, MACs, principal secretary Mahadananda Hazarika, DC Mukul Kr. Saikia, SP Gaurav Upadhyay and several other dignitaries.

It can be mentioned that Hacha Kekan is the only social festival celebrated by the Karbis and it is not related to religious rituals. But in modern days, due to lack of knowledge and absence of written documents the festival is now inclining towards religious festival which needs rectification at the earliest.