ASDC and KSA Hold Protest Against Massive Corruption in Irrigation Department


DILLAI, Feb 11: The Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) in collaboration with Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC) Youth Front on Monday organized a joint protest demonstration against massive corruption in the department of Irrigation under AIBP schemes, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) at Johor Singnar Village, Dillai under Borjan MAC constituency.

While addressing the media, leaders of the protest group stated that the Dillai IS (phase II) under AIBP scheme was an undertaking that cost more than 12 crores. They also mentioned that 50% of the money had already been withdrawn as per record on June 29, 2015. Further stating that work completion does not match to the amount they had withdrawn, the organization strongly condemned contractors Roleyson Teron and Ranjit Hanse and persons who are involved in the act. The organizations also claimed that the public especially the farmers are suffering to a great extent due to the scheme.

Several students’ leaders who include Premson Bey, Peterson Rongphar, Rajib Tokbi, Gulson Bey, Jemson Timung, Anderson Kro and others took part in the rally.