3rd ‘Hambi Kapathu’ Competition Held


DIPHU, Feb 10: With an aim to uplift traditional sports, the Riso Nimso Committee (RNC) of Rongplimplam Bim Ingti village on Sunday organized 3rd Hambi Kapathu competition.

Altogether 8 teams participated in the event. First match was played between Rongplimplam and Nokbe Kangthir. Apart from Hambi Kapathu, other sports events like nokbe kekat (marathon race), simsere (painting), tarlok-kiti (quiz), vo-kepacharchu (cock fight), bapthili ke-ap, kengdongdang kedam, nujok karlu and others.

BPEO of West Karbi Anglong Hakim Rongpi attended the event as chief guest. Other guests include On Teron, Amit Ingti, Ganesh Ingti, village headman, Riso Basa and others.

Mention can be made that Hambi Kapathu is one of the most famous traditional sports. It is on its way to get national recognition with the Karbis claiming it as a national game.