Torch Lights Procession at Phelangpi, Honour the High Court Order, Says 24+ Organizations to KAAC


PHELANGPI, Feb 08: 24+ organizations with the support of villagers under Amreng MAC constituency on Friday took torch lights procession at Phelangpi (Kheroni) in West Karbi Anglong district against Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) for failing to prepare Acts and Rules under Paragraph 2 sub-paragraph 7 of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

Speaking to the public, Dhonsing Ronghang said that the Mikir Hills District (Transfer of Land) Act, 1959, the Act which the Gauhati High Court and Supreme Court of India have declared void in 1979 in the case of Sitimon Sawien versus Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council. This Act of 1959 is the cause of alienation of lands of Tribes People to non-tribes immigrants.

He reiterated that the KAAC should respect the verdict of High Court and should complete preparation of Council election and Voters’ Lists Acts and Rules ‘without fear’ as it has been empowered under Paragraph 2, Sub-Para (7) of Paragraph 20 of the Sixth Schedule.

He also said that Article 243 (d) has recognized the constitutionality of Ser Van Kep of Karbis, Tolsung Vaisa of the Kukis and Salai Yarao of Dimasas to which the government is authorized to release MGREGA fund under the 73rd and 74th amendment of the Constitution of India.

Youth activist, Angtong Engti Kathar has asked the KAAC authority to repeal the Mikir Hills (Land and Revenue Act, 1953 and readopt the Traditional Land and Revenue Law of the Karbis and other Hills Tribes on the lines of the strong resolution adopted by Chakma Autonomous Council (CADC) and the Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) who are carrying out revision of Electoral Rolls and banning of sale and transfer of tribal lands under their respective jurisdiction. He stated that recent concluded Town Committee Election conducted in Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong before making new electoral roll is nothing but gross violation of the powers of Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India as all the policy and system are following like of Panchayat Raj Institutions in the plain areas or general areas which is a matter of shame and concern.

On the occasion, the leaders and members participated in the procession remembered the 109th Birth Anniversary of Ru Semson Sing Ingti, the founder and architect of Karbi Anglong which was born on February 08, 1910.