NPP President Accuse BJP of Massive Rigging in the recent Concluded NCHAC Poll


Says will Approach SEC to Demand for Setting up Inquiry

Suroj Barman
HAFLONG, Feb 07: In a latest development in Dim Hasao District, NPP president Samarjit Haflongbar accused the ruling party BJP of massive rigging and in the recent concluded NCHAC poll. This was stated in a press a press conference in Haflong here on Thursday.

During the press conference, the former CEM and former MLA claimed that the ballot boxes were replaced with different colors and sizes in the counting hall with the boxes packed in the particular polling stations added with excess ballot papers and also found the ballot boxes without signature of the concerned presiding officers.

“I got minimum votes despite receiving and witnessing huge support and participants in all NPP election meetings. NPP secured zero vote in Delenbra L.P school polling station under Maibang (East) constituency even when PP candidate Arup Khersa and his wife voted for me, which is without any doubt. This is the most comprehensible proof of the rigging or replacement of the ballot boxes,” Haflongbar claimed. “The BJP claimed that it would win 19-20 seats in the council election. It was clear indication of the pre-plan of the ruling party to retain power by hook or crook,” Haflongbar added.

Further, Haflongbar said that he will appeal the State Election Commissioner (SEC) to set up enquiry against the presiding officers and staffs involved in the rigging election to award exemplary punishment and to disqualify the falsely elected members of Autonomous Council.

Meanwhile, reacting to the allegation Dima Hasao BJP president i/c Bonani Kemprai said that the election was held in free and fair manner. “The allegations totally baseless and which is being made out with the intention is to mislead the people,” Kemprai said.
Kemprai said if he has such doubt he should have approached the concerned authority earlier or before the counting of the ballots.

“For Bharatiya Janata Party, the nation comes first and the karyakartas will always be dedicated to their duties that make the party a political party with a difference which the outcome was with absolute majority in the recent 12th NCHAC election,” Kemprai concluded.