KAAC EM Mongalsing Timung felicitated at Langnimso


PHELANGPI/JENGKHA, Feb 07: The people of Langnimso and its adjoining areas felicitated KAAC EM Mongalsing Timung during a function held at Langnimso playground under Hamren MAC constituency on Thursday.

He was felicitated for his newly assigned portfolio as EM i/c of irrigation. The people gathered together and felicitated him amid much gaiety and valor. Several BJP leaders of the area who include Hamren VDC chairman Sarsing Phangcho, BJP WKADC office secretary Harmon Bey, Harlongsora LAMPS chairman Pitor Timung and others.

During the event, 11 families belonging to several political parties merged with the BJP.

They were welcomed with open arms by the party leaders. EM Timung also inaugurated PMAY-G houses in Harlongsora village. Altogether 8 houses were inaugurated by him in the village today. He was accompanied by Hamren VDC chairman Sarsing Phangcho, Harlongsora LAMPS chairman Pitor Timung, Harmon Bey, Rongkhang Development Block JE and Gram Sevaks and others.