Tourism Awareness Programme to Villagers at Langvoku


If Properly Boost, Tourism can give Employment to Youths in the District: Teron

DIPHU, Feb 06: KAAC EM Lunsing Teron on Wednesday paid a visit to Lang-voku waterfall under No. 23 Borjan MAC constituency to get first hand information and to inspect the whole surrounding.

He was accompanied by local MAC and KAAC speaker Longki Timung, Borjan Constituency VDC chairman Krist Rongphar, SO Zigdung, village headman Semson Engti, members of Jakve Asong Tourism (NGO) and others.

On the occasion, an awareness programme on Tourism was organized by Jakve Asong Tourism (NGO) in collaboration with Tourism Department, KAAC.

While addressing the gathering, EM Teron proudly said that Karbi Anglong is a beautiful place filled with attractive locations and made sure that tourism department will try its level best to make the most of it so that unemployed youth can get employment. He strongly appealed the locals to take care of the beautiful spot and told them that incident that occurred at Kangthilangso should never be repeated in the district.

“Some countries and even some states in India boost their income through tourism. Our district is a beautiful place. Let us develop it not only on the outward but even our mindset and our inner feelings should be clean and disciplined. Let us come together and make our place a better place to live in. Let us hope that one day our district will turn into a tourism hub filled with many tourists from different parts of the country and the world,” Teron stated.