Number of Illegal Settlers increases in Daldali Forest


KAAC Authority needs to Evict them at the Earliest

DIPHU, Feb 06: The Ex-United Peoples Democratic Solidarity (Ex-UPDS) Welfare Society strongly urged the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) to direct the Department of Forest to evict illegal settlers inside Daldali Reserve Forest between Dillai and Lahorijan. This was stated in a press statement issued by Ex-UPDS Welfare Society’s publicity secretary Robising Teron here this evening.

Mentioning that several number of Bodo tribe from Lakhimpur, Kokrajhar, Langhin Kaki reserve have left their previous dwelling places and are currently residing inside the reserve forest, the organization stated that the previously dense forest has turned into an almost barren land.

“The Bodos who have previously resided in Lakhimpur, Kokrajhar and other areas have sold their previous land and are currently settled in reserve forest. Since the settlers in Daldali reserve forest have money they got from selling their land, they live a quite luxurious life and built comfortable houses. Now, even illegal Bangladeshis whose names are not in NRC are coming in huge number everyday and started to build their homes in the said forest. It is quite frightening for the future of Karbi Anglong,” UPDS stated.

The organization questioned the government for their apathy and their silence over the issue and strongly urged them to act quickly before it is too late.