CPI (ML) Senior most Leader from Nilip MAC Constituency Resigned


CHOWKIHOLA, Feb 06: Senior most CPI (ML) leader Dhoniram Rongpi and present president of HSDC from No. 25 Nilip MAC constituency has tendered his resignation from his current president’s post and from CPI (ML) primary membership, sources said on Wednesday.

Rongpi, joined the ASDC political party for the first time in his political career in 1986 later work with CPI (ML) starting from 2000 when ASDC and CPI (ML) were alienated.

Sources added that he had contested in 2011-12 KAAC election from CPI (ML) party ticket from No. 25 Nilip MAC constituency. As of now, he didn’t decide yet which political party to join in the coming days.