Rongker karkli Observes across Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong District


Rongthe-ang Nimarli Asong Felicitates 40 Senior Citizens

Staff Reporter
DIPHU, Feb 05: The Karbi (those of traditional belief) on Wednesday performed Rongker karkli (appeasement of deities) seeking blessing for the whole of villagers for a blessed and prosperous year ahead.

The ritual is usually perform by a villagers or jointly organized by some villages in a specific site once in a year and sacrifice goats, domestic fowls and alike to propitiate the deities. They observed the annual ritual on February 5 of every year and some villages on January 5 as per their convenient.

In Rongthe-ang, Diphu under DTC Ward No.7, they have organized the ritual for the 49th time and held at Ronthe-ang Klimsomar Club premises. The deities of the ritual include Hemphu-Mukrang & Rasinja, Inglongkiri, Than Achekama, Longle-hi-I and others. The Kurusar (priests) who performed the ritual are Village Headman of Rongthe-ang Longbiram Engti, Lorence Teron, Jaduram Bey, Bohiram Timung, Khogeswar Timung, Moniram Rongpi, Longki Engti and Mojari Engti.

On the occasion, village women committee under the banner of Rongthe-ang Nirmarli Asong (RNA) felicitated 40 senior citizens including village headman, Longbiram Engti and his wife also newly approved Vice-Chairperson of Diphu Town Committee, Meera Tissopi. They felicitated villagers of 60-years and above with Karbi poho. The felicitation programme was chaired by RNA president Moina Terangpi.