KSA Celebrates Karbi New Year 2019


Felicitates Longsing Teron and Hongbari Timungpi

Staff Reporter
DIPHU, Feb 02: The Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) on Friday celebrated Karbi New Year 2019 at their office premises and felicitated Longsing Teron of Rongkhelan, Diphu for his contribution in the field of Media and Hongbari Timungpi of Rongmili, Diphu in the field of Sport. They were felicitated with Karbi Poho, bouquet and citation. They also felicitated all ex-central committee members with Karbi Poho.

KSA President, Bijoy Bey said that the Karbi New Year was first observed in 1992 at Rongchingbar, Diphu under the initiative taken by the KSA later supported by KANCHASDCOM, KRA and KARSA. After several meetings and discussions, the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) authority agreed to declare as holiday and observe February 1 as Karbi New Year from 2005 onwards. Hope, the Karbis living across the globe will enjoy celebrating February 1 as Karbi New Year every year.

In the programme team of Karbi Lohcahrli lapen Jutang Asong performed traditional dance like Ritnong-Chingdi, Hen-up-ahi ke-en kekan and Hacha kekan.