KFA Distributed Free Spades to Organic Farmers


DIPHU, Feb 02: The Karbi Farmer’s Association (KFA) on Saturday distributed free spades to famers at Wophong Tokbi, Longnit. This was informed by Harsing Rongpi, publicity secretary, KFA.

The distribution meeting was chaired by Tingku Ingti, president KFA and objective of the meeting was briefed by Semson Tokbi, assistant general secretary, KFA

While speaking on the occasion Ingti said that agriculture is the primary source of food. About 80% of people rely directly on it. Without a healthy natural environment where native flora and fauna live productively, long-term sustainable agricultural practices will fail. Farms must be developed in conjunction and cooperation with local ecology, not at its expense. He also encouraged the local farmers to go for organic farming.

Borsing Tokbi, a resident of Wophong Tokbi appreciated the initiative taken up by the KFA in uplifting the poor and ignorant farmers by sharing the information on certain schemes and project taken up by the government. He on behalf of the local farmers extend his gratefulness to KFA for the free spades they had distributed and hoping that such initiative will be taken up by them so that the local farmers under No. 20 Singhason MAC constituency too can be benefitted.