4th CEM Gold Cup from February 27 to March 14


DIPHU, Jan 27: A meeting was convened today at Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) conference hall in relation association to the upcoming 4th CEM Gold Cup Football Championship to be held at the KASA Sports Complex from February 27 to March 14, 2019. The meeting was chaired by KAAC CEM and KASA president Tuliram Ronghang and was attended by EMs, MACs, KAAC Principal Secretary, officers of KAAC Secretariat and various department and all members of KASA.

The objective of the meeting was briefed by KAAC principal secretary Mahananda Hazarika. Commencing the meeting as per agenda, KAAC CEM and KASA president Tuliram Ronghang stated the football tournament would be entirely sponsored by KAAC and the tournament would be held in collaboration with KASA. He said that 8 local teams and 4 foreign teams would be participating in the 16-day long tournament. He also informed that among the foreign teams, Bhutan and Nepal have already confirmed of their participation to play in the one match per day format.

CEM Ronghang further informed that tickets would be made available in two form i.e. season tickets and daily entry tickets with discounts on season tickets rate of which would be made clear in a few days. The other important information that was acquainted at the meeting include the committee members selected for the 4th CEM Gold Cup Championship are CEM and KASA president Tuliram Ronghang (Chairman), KASA general secretary Pankaj Teron, treasurer Kensing Engti and all KASA members.

Several important plans matters related to the food and accommodation, tickets, have been chalk out at the meeting held today.