Six Underground Groups Calls for 12-Hour Total Bandh on Republic Day


Condemn Government over CAB

DIPHU, Jan 23: As anticipated, underground groups comprising of Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), Kamatapur LiberationOrganization (KLO), Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL), National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB), National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT) and People’s Democratic Council of Karbi-Longri (PDCK) under WESEA and Kashmir region has called for a total shut-down for 12 hours, from 6 am to 6 pm, on the 26th January, 2019. This was stated in a press statement signed jointly by KCP president Ksh. Laba Meitei, KLO chairman Jiban Singha Koch, KYKL chairman N. Oken, NDFB president B. Souraigwra, NLFT president H. Uastwng Borok and PDCK chairman JK Lijang was sent by PDCK vice chairman Mir ang Shir ang on Wednesday.

“India is going to celebrate her Republic Day on the 26th January, 2019. On this day in 1950, newly independent India got a constitution of her own and the previous colonial law, the Government of India Act, 1935 was replaced,” the statement began.

“This day is a day of national pride for the Hindi speaking mainland Indians and deserves joyous celebrations. But for peripheral colonies like WESEA and Kashmir, this is a day of enslavement and mourning. India is not a nation-state but a ‘state-nation’ where the mainland colonizes the peripheries. She is a prison-house of nations,” said the group.

The groups charged that Republic Day celebrated every year is nothing less than a cruel practical joke pointing out that it is an ‘intelligent’ design is to force a fictional narrative of unitary India down the throats of people under the WESEA region.

“The intended function of this celebration is to bifurcate and finally erase the unadulterated historical memories of peripheral colonial peoples and to substitute them with a new history of India, fictionalized through deft cherry-picking of events and myths from the multitudinous streams of historical narratives of the multiplex of diverse nations and ethnic groups of Indian sub-continent,” the statement read.

“This erasure of historical memories makes it easy to make us Indian. They are changing our past to change our present. This will enable them to change our future too. But our future they are going to shape is nothing but our ‘national death’. Becoming Indian is ethnocide of the rim-land colonies. For heartland Indian leaders or the Indian ‘deep-state’, it is nation-building,” added the group.

In their long press statement, the underground, charged that Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019, which is being tabled and passed by BJP Government despite widespread from all states and sections of society, was a blatant violation of all the norms and basic principles of Indian constitution. “The Bill proposes to open the door to all aspiring Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh. It negates the Assam Accord of 1985 and the NRC of Assam. This Bill, if enacted, will become a demographic ‘death warrant’ for the indigenous peoples of WESEA,” the groups said.

Further, the groups charged the CAB issue shows that the present day Indian leaders are only concerned with the Hindus of Bangladesh, who are foreigners in true sense; but, on the contrary, they hate the indigenous peoples of WESEA, who are supposed de jure to be Indians. “Their real intention is to replace the indigenous peoples of WESEA with the Hindus from anywhere in the world. There is nothing more nefarious and spiteful than this evil design.

This proves the oppressive nature of the mainland Indian rule over WESEA. But this oppressive colonial rule is being camouflaged by a number of meaningless spectacles like elections, celebrations and festivals,” the group charged.

“Emergency services and religious functions are exempted. We, the undersigned, on behalf of our respective peoples, request all indigenous peoples of WESEA to support the ban to show our will to survive against Indian machinations geared up to obliterate our ethnic existence,” the statement concluded.