CEM visits Mukasong Area, the First KAAC Chief to Set his Foot on Since 1952


DEN ARONG, Jan 21: Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang visited Mukasong area under Mahamaya MAC constituency, one of the most remote areas in Karbi Anglong, where not a single CEM of KAAC has set foot on it since 1952.

He was accompanied KAAC deputy speaker Ritesh Enghi, EMs who include Prodeep Rongpi, Mongol Sing Timung, Rupsing Teron, Horensing Bey, Tarendra Brahma, Amarsing Tisso, Jagatsing Engti, Raju Tisso, Khonsing Rongpi, Lunsing Teron , Madhurya Dhekial Phukan, MACs who include Darsing Ronghang, Richard Tokbi, Ramsing Timung, Pawan Kumar, Pobitro Rongpi , Principal Secretary Mahadananda Hazarika, DC Mukul Kumar Saikia, Secretaries, officers of Different Departments and others.

While addressing the gathering, CEM promised to construct metal and black topping road with an estimated cost of Rs. 3crores for walkways, vehicular ways for the benefit of people living in the area. He also assured to construct an open stage, school, medical sub-centre and connectivity network at Mukasong. CEM also promised to distribute saplings of rubber, bettlenut, and other saplings for free to 119 households through Agriculture Department.

In addition to this, to solar lights and blankets were distributed to 112 households in Mukasong area after the meeting ended.