Annual Conference of Nihang Karbi Baptist Association from January 27


Appeal to refrain from calling Karbi Anglong bandh

DIPHU, Jan 11: The Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA) which is going to hold its annual conference at Hidibonglong Baptist Church, Volongkom Aji from January 27-30 appealed all organizations and parties not to call any bandh during the event.

A press release issued by NKBA executive secretary Rev. Benting Teron said that the three daylong events will be attended by 109 churches across eastern part of Karbi Anglong and bandh or any form of closure will greatly affect the gathering.

“We will be very thankful if our request is taken into notice so that the conference can go off smoothly. I request you all in the name of 109 churches across the district,” Rev. Teron stated.

He also strongly appealed for public’s cooperation during the event so that it will be held without any form of disturbance.