KSA and CYDC Visits to Karbi Anglong-Meghalya Border Areas


Spl. Correspondent
UMLAPHER, Jan 09: The Karbi Students Association (KSA) and Chinthong Youth Development Committee (CYDC) on Tuesday jointly visited the border Umlapher areas under Chinthong MAC constituency and had a discussion with the locals on various issues and problems facing by them.

The leaders had informed that the people living in border areas are not happy with some of the works carry out without the consent and discussion with the local. “We are not happy with the football tournament held at Raid Nongtung organized by Border Development Organization, whom we do not know them. And with what intention they came and organized the tournament without informing the SGB, village headman and VDP in the area,” said the leaders.

After meeting with the local populace they resolved not to allow the formation of any new organization in the area other than KSA/CYDC/AAGSU/KAKSU. They demand immediate dissolution of newly formed Border Development Organization and strong resolution was also taken that without the permission and consent of the local MAC or KSA/CYDC no any programme or works can be carried out in the area.