3rd Mech Kachari Cultural Festival Concludes


BOKAJAN, Jan 08: The 3rd Mech Kachari Cultural Festival was held from January 5-7, 2019 at Donsuri Sports ground, Hanjanglangso in Karbi Anglong district.

The cultural procession in the last day of the festival was started from 11:00 AM from Hanjanglangso to Tobalijan with hundreds of members taking part. The cultural procession was seen participated by cultural troupes of Karbi, Garo, Shyam, Adivasi, Gurkha and other communities in the area.

Later, public meeting that was presided over by Krishna Kanta Mech, president central committee was held from 1:00 PM where Hrishikesh Goswami, legal adviser to Chief Minister attended as chief guest, Dr.Numal Momi, MLA, Deben Basumatary, Upenrava Hakasham, KAAC EM Madhuriyal Dhekial Phukon , Ex-EMs JC Pathak, Rajendra Rongpi and Sonaswar Mech, president Reception Committee.

The guests present on the special event, shared and enlightened the gathering about the urgent need of protection of language, culture and other traditional practices of Mech Kacharis. “We have been sleeping for so long and all our language, culture and traditional practices were assimilated by dominant class of society. Now, we realized that we have to pay the prices to our forefather for not been able to protect our language, culture which is a matter of shame and humiliation,” said KK Mech. He also called upon the community to wake up from their slumber to protect and promote the rich culture of the Mech Kacharis.