If Congress comes to Power at Delhi in 2019, KAAC CEM will try to Join the Party: Durlav Samua


DIPHU, Jan 06: Top Congress leaders during a Town Committee election campaign at Bakalia stated that Congress will come to power in the forthcoming 2019 elections in Delhi said present KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang will try to come back to the party but said Congress will not take him back.

Congress leader and ex-MLA Durlav Samua said that KAAC CEM will try to join Congress in the coming days if the Congress comes to power at Delhi in 2019 but Congress party will not accept him back. Several Congress leaders who include APCC adviser Apurba Bhatacharya and others landed in Bakalia and campaigned for its candidates that were placed in 7 different wards in Bakalia Town Committee.

Congress leaders also talked strongly about Citizenship Amendment Bill and said that it is very dangerous for the people of North East India. They also said that as long as Congress exists, not a single citizen of India will be excluded from the NRC list. They also questioned why many developmental schemes introduced by the Congress during its regime were annulled by the BJP. The Congress leaders also accused the BJP of cheating the people of India and said that the party knows nothing apart from fooling the people.

Mention can be made that altogether 25 candidates will fight for 7 seats under Bakalia Town Committee. The candidates include representatives from various political parties as well as independent candidates.