Public of Mahur Proposed BJP karyakarta Rahul Naiding as their MAC’s Candidate in Upcoming NCHAC Election


HALFLONG, Dec 27: Thousand of peoples from 48 villages under Mahur MAC constituency on Wednesday gathered at PWD IB in Mahur and alleged that Khobulthang Hmar the local MAC had keep Mahur and it areas deprived of developmental schemes that were implements by the NC Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC).

They also said that they had hope in the present BJP led NCHAC government as many developmental activities had taken place in the constituency during its rule for the past two years. They strongly demands BJP ticket for Rahul Naiding BJP karyakarta cum social worker as according to them Naiding had been heartedly working for the welfare of the people of Mahur MAC constituency in every aspect and also had funded the poor who had lose their homes during disastrous time without regarding caste, creed and religion.

“We will not cast our vote to any candidates except for Rahul Naiding, even if the BJP fails to provide its party ticket.” they added.